Does This Look Like A Guy Who Was Arrested After Getting Drunk And Breaking Into A House To Steal Underwear

[WKYT] - The citation states that surveillance video showed Wylie going through a dirty clothes hamper before putting a pair of underwear in his pocket and exiting the home. Police say that a pair of woman's underwear was found in a bin outside where Wylie lived.

Wylie then told detectives that he "had a couple drinks and decided, on a whim to break into her home."

I'll be honest. Yes, this does look like a guy who got dunk and decided on a whim to break into a house to steal some panties. Why? Because that's quite literally what happened. That said, I don't get this move. I never understood stealing underwear. What's the end game here? Just sitting at home sniffing them and crossing a name off the list like Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison is what I picture. 

I don't like to kink shame, everyone has something that gets their rocks off. But when you're out here breaking into houses 'on a whim' to steal some used underwear, feel like we can do that. Stealing underwear in general is a weird move. Getting arrested because you keep breaking in a house to do so, well that just makes sense. 

The other thing is it's always a neighbor. It's never a random. There's a 100% chance this Wylie fella has always been the weirdo in the neighborhood. Brings coleslaw to the neighborhood picnic instead of real food. You can't trust a guy like that. You obviously can't trust a guy who steals underwear. Don't do that.