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Dave Portnoy Has UNLEASHED The Vindog On Motorsport.com's Jim Utter: It's An Utter Bloodbath With Targeted Memes

Minding my own business this morning when the winds of change started blowing in from the East. It's a Monday here in Texas so I expected a little bit of quiet. There were no real big sporting events, save boxing, on the slate over this weekend so the tides should have been calm. Little did I know that there was a hurricane a brewin. 

Ah. The boss getting in the thick of it. No biggie. Dave is the OG Barstool defender and he's certainly not going to let some old dude take shots at us when we weren't even near the window that weekend. Jim would do better to duck outta the way before this gets out of hand. Utter should just be glad that the Vindog doesnt check in to the Blogging Factory until later. Or does he...

Fuck. Here we go. 

Now, if you have an weak morning stomach, look away. What you are about to see is an onslaught of targeted memes after targeting memes after targeting memes. It's not going to be easy for you and it's certainly not easy for Jim Utter.