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This 26-Year-Old Woman Got 32K Inflatable Boobs And She's Looking Really Good Now

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.58.12 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.58.04 AM

Cosmo – Martina Big made a daring career move in 2012 that changed her life, and her body, in huge ways. Unsatisfied working as a flight attendant at a small airline, she quit and underwent $50,000 worth of plastic surgery to become a full-time model. She got a nose job, plumped her lips, got veneers on her teeth, and narrowed her legs, hips, and waist.

But the most notable procedure she received was her breast implants: They’re a special kind of implant that she can get filled up with saline without additional surgery.

“Well, she was always a very beautiful woman, but her nose was bigger, her hips were wider, her breasts were significantly smaller, and the actual incentive for what we have done came from Martina,” he says. “But when she explained her ideas to me I was excited straight away.” Of course he was.

“When I am walking around in a skin-tight T-shirt, I have seen people on a bike riding past and then driving into a lamp post,” she says.


I’m a big plastic surgery guy. Haven’t had any myself and I don’t love the obviously fake look on women but if you’ve got money to blow and hate how you look then what’s the shame in using science to make yourself “better”? The problem I have here is that this isn’t better or even close to it. You spent that much to get huge obviously fake titties so idiots on bikes will be like “Whoa look at that freak” and crash into a pole? Okay cool. Zero percent chance they look even remotely different from a Swiss ball without clothing but whatever, do you. But that face? My god that face:


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.06.12 AM


How much of that $50K went to the face? Not NEARLY enough I can promise you that. Bitch looks like a whored up version of one of the fish from Spongebob:
Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.08.26 AM



If I get $50K in plastic surgery, I am leaving that table fucking flawless. Shiny ripped abs, cheek bones chiseled by Michaelangelo, ass cheeks that can (AND WILL) crack walnuts. If I left a surgeon looking like that I would extract all sorts of inexplicable Saw-like revenge on the doctor, the nurses, and everyone who’s ever eaten at the hospital cafeteria. Unacceptable effort all around.


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.18.07 AM
Reebok Pump titties are pretty fire though, that versatility definitely ate up most of the budget.