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There's A Website Where Butt Doctors Upload The Weirdest Things People Have Put In Their Assholes

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Gizmodo – You and me, we have Wikipedia. Radiologists, they have Radiopaedia. If you can get past the clinical language, you can see it for what it really is: An amazing cache of images that show the human body at its extreme limits. And a place to find (and share!) x-rays of weird stuff people have put up their butts.

Radiopaedia was founded by Dr. Frank Gaillard back in 2005, when he was studying to become a radiologist in Australia. As any doctor—or anyone who is weird and curious enough to spend her free time reading medical cases (hi, hello)— knows, there’s a lot of crazy shit that goes on in hospitals. Radiopaedia is an educational resource to share tutorials and knowledge about all things radiology, but it’s also little bit for amusement. Just a little.


I know it’s the Internet and literally every single permutation of an idea you can think of is somewhere online but for some reason this surprises me. Isn’t this what we have patient-doctor confidentiality for? So if I accidentally land anus first on a plunger or M&M display case or my own fist that I don’t have to worry about having my radiologist exchanging e-high fives with his buddies over the situation? I mean yeah you can’t tell whose asshole it is by the x-ray but if I’m making authentic guac for someone with that pestle above, all it takes is a bout of e coli and an accidental trip to Radiopaedia and all of a sudden there are a lot of uncomfortable questions being asked. Big time breach of butt privacy here.


Either way lots of great butt objects here but I’m feeling pretty bad for the person with the can of fly spray up their ass. Probably just the guy who put an orange up there getting his intestines overrun by fruit flies. The butt stuff struggle is real.


Unrelated tangent butt stuff story because when else will I get to tell it: My second apartment in NYC was in Washington Heights and I moved there after leaving my job at WWE. Sold my car because I didn’t need to reverse commute to Stamford every day and bought a really nice laptop with some of the cash. Someone broke into my apartment and stole just the laptop a day later because Washington Heights is the fucking worst. Once I got robbed, I didn’t feel comfortable, decided I needed to move quickly and ended up being roommates with some gay dude in Chelsea. The guy seemed really chill at first other than he was British and his name was Alon but he preferred going by the name “Skyler.” Weird move but whatever. He was a tiny little fancy dude and was very popular with guys, just dudes coming by almost every night. CONSTANT butt stuff going on. Normally I wouldn’t care because if it were a straight guy roommate railing chicks, who cares, it’s their deal, no skin off my back. But we would go through toilet paper at an EXPONENTIAL rate. Like no joke a roll or more a day. It got to the point where I had to keep toilet paper in my room because we’d always be running out, presumably because this guy had to keep his asshole pristine for whomever was taking a first class ticket to colonville that night. Totally cool and I respect that you can eat off his asshole and whatever but I just didn’t factor in a constant need for two ply into my budget at the time. Bottom line: If I’m the media buyer for Charmin, I’m lining Radiopaedia with all the bulk toilet paper ads money can buy because, seriously, the butt stuff struggle is real.