Tyson Fury On Mental Health

Outside of boxing fans, I'd be surprised to learn that a lot of people knew of the Tyson Fury story. The man who was on top of the world last night is just over 3 years removed from driving a car at 160 MPH to a bridge to kill himself. 

The clip above with Rich Eisen is a great recap, but I first heard of Fury's story when he was on the Joe Rogan podcast:

Here he is after a recent fight:

Rich Eisen put it brilliantly in the clip above that there is no cast or sling for somebody suffering with mental health. The outside world will not know you are struggling. That's why it's always great to remind ourselves that we are affected by mental health every single day. You may be struggling. If not, you definitely know somebody who is, even though you probably cannot see it. 

If you are suffering and don't know where to turn, I hope you can find inspiration from Tyson Fury. You can fight back like him. Find the proper help (doctors, friends, family, etc) and fight! You are worth it and you are more than strong enough. 

If you cannot relate to Tyson as someone who suffers from mental health, you can still join in the fight. Support your friends and family. Be there even when you can't relate.