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How The Hell Did I Have Better Seats At The Knicks Game Than NFL All-Pro Quenton Nelson?

Here we have 2 time All-Pro, 2 time Pro Bowler, and one of the best offensive lineman in the NFL, Quenton Nelson sitting in probably the worst seat in the house, 3rd row. Is this really the best his agent could've done? You'd think a man that's making millions of $ could at least have a decent view in "Tha Garden". 

And here we have a 23-year old blogger with what looks to have M.S.D aka, "Musculoskeletal Disease" sitting in the 2nd best seat in the house, 2nd row. He claims he's on his phone, but he looks to be taking advantage of all the views from his seat. 

The question everyone wants the answer to:

There's 2 reasons why I was damn near courtside at MSG last night.

1. Because that boy is BENT of course! Besides RJ Barrett and Bobby Portis, nobody else on the Knicks is BENT. This team organization needs all of the best shooters in the house at every game possible.

2. I had a friend reach out and offer me an extra ticket. 

I had a great time at the game. The Pacers got the win, Big Q and Big D were in the house, but the best part was my ticket was mixed with some Delta Airlines program, so I got 1,000 miles just for going to the game! Only 15,000 more until I can spend the weekend in Miami baby! Shoutout to our very own Jourdyn Berry for getting on the TV too!