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Has Anybody Gotten Their Dick Sucked More For Making An Easier Decision Than Adam Silver?


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Holy shit.  You can’t go 2 seconds without somebody sucking Adam Silver’s dick over the last 24 hours. Give me a break. Listen did Adam Silver do the right thing yesterday? Yes of course he did.  After talking to all the owners to make sure they supported him he did his job. But what else was he gonna do? You can’t have an owner openly saying he despises black people in a predominantly black league. The entire country was on his side here. Any spare me everybody saying how impressed they are with how fast he acted. What choice did he have? If he didn’t do this before last nights Clippers game there would have been mass protests and god knows what else in LA. He literally had no other choice here. He did the only thing he could do. He came out and said the NBA has no place for overt racists. Gee what a guy!

PS – Let’s not forget that the league has known this guy was a racist for years. It just took his pyscho girlfriend to put him on blast for this to happen. But it’s not like some crazy revelation. It’s shameful that the league had to be backed into a corner to do something about it. They were willing to sweep it under the rug right up until he embarrassed the league publicly, caused mass outcry and loss of sponsorships etc.  Again this wasn’t a hard decision at this point. It wasn’t even a moral decision. It was the only option available so sorry if I’m not sucking his dick right now.