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DeMarcus Cousins Is Still Warming Up And Sitting Court Side Despite Reportedly Being Waived By The Lakers Just Hours Ago

They don't call him DeMarcus 'Milton' Cousins for nothing. Now, before people get upset, yes I understand that nothing is 'official' until Sunday. But the moment Woj tweets out that you're being waived just go ahead and count that shit as official: 

Now is it bullshit that my guy Boogie is getting waived? Yep. Will always say that. Even if the Lakers are currently loaded at the center spot, Cousins is still rehabbing and won't be ready until the postseason - which he's eligible for no matter where he signs. Mostly I just want Boogie to have a chance to get a ring, because he deserves one, especially dealing with the Kings back in the day and then getting screwed with injuries. 

But back to this move? I LOVE it. Just keep showing up for work. What if they regret it because they see some sick move during warmups? Plus, where else could you basically be fired and still show up for work? 

Also see: Handsome Hank but couldn't find an easy tweet or blog for him. Shout out Hank

At the minimum, Cousins is starting to showcase for others. That's all that matters at this point. But the social team nailed the tweet. It's like being dumped on December 23 but you're out of state with your significant other. You gotta deal back to back days of family dinner while you frantically search for a last minute holiday plane ticket.  

Wonder if he'll show up on Sunday for their game vs Boston?