Elizabeth Hurley Bravely Wears a Bikini in the Maldives Where Bikini Wearing Can Land You in Jail

Elizabeth Hurley. Actress. Model. Preternaturally beautiful 54-year-old rocket. Influencer. Possible metahuman. World traveler. legend. And to that we can add champion for human rights. 

She's wearing a bikini in the Maldives. An act of defiance in a land where not long ago, a woman landed in prison for that very same offense:

Understandably, most of us would hear about this woman's plight, say something about the grave injustice and then move on with our lives. Not Elizabeth Hurley. Instead, she did something about it. She mobilized. She got on a plane and harnessed the awesome might of her bathing suit game and used it to speak truth to power. This is a courageous act of defiance that will liberate unbelievably attractive women across that island nation to stand up for liberty. 

Thank to Ms. Hurley. Let's as citizens of the world celebrate her courage. God bless.