BREAKING: Mike Fiers Has Now Blown The Whistle On The A's!

The Athletic- Mike Fiers fished inside his locker at Hohokam Stadium for a small plastic object on Wednesday morning. He whirled around to signal to the others in Oakland’s starting rotation. He, perhaps more than anyone else in baseball, understood the power of the instrument he was holding. So Fiers lifted the whistle and blew it. 

“Let’s go, starters,” Fiers said. “Let’s go.”

The room tittered with amusement. “No way,” pitcher Chris Bassitt said. “No way.” 

Friday news dump or Friday dump news? You tell me. We can debate the blogability of this story the rest of our lives. But there is no denying the clickability of it. You clicked, I clicked, and whoever commented clicked. 

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, I think we can all agree that we are better people now than we were five minutes ago since we can all add the word Titter to our vocabulary.


"Her stutter caused the children to titter"? Jesus Christ. Children can be so cruel. Lets all try to be better today for the hope of a better tomorrow.