The Morris Twins Ultimately Deciding Who Makes The Finals In The West Is The Drama We Need

Back when the Clippers came out and stole Marcus Morris right from under the Lakers nose, a lot of their fans talked about how they suddenly didn't even want Mook to begin with. Similar to what they also did with Reggie Jackson, a player also scooped up by the Clippers. Well now that the other Morris brother has been bought out by the Pistons who is essentially Mook-Lite, the Lakers couldn't snatch him up fast enough which has Lakers fans over the moon. Just look at any of the replies to that Shams tweet.

First let's start with what Markieff is. He's a 6'9ish wing who can play both the 3 and the 4 who is a career 34% three point shooter but has bumped that up to 39.7% this year on 4.3 attempts a night. He's basically a lock for 11/4 with decent splits and for a team that needs both wing depth and shooting, he does fit what the Lakers need in theory. Plus he's a Morris brother so you know he's tough as hell and willing to scrap at a moments notice. That's important for the playoffs. 

But there's also the reality that he's fairly unproven when it comes to the postseason. He's played just 24 career playoff games and has shot 41/31%. In his most recent appearance with OKC in 2018-19 he shot just 31/28% in their only series. The year before that with WSH he shot 49/16%. If anything he's just a depth piece, so as long as the Lakers don't plan on heavily relying on Markieff to show up in a playoff series, it's not the worst signing.  He's most definitely not the better twin, but his skillset is something the Lakers could use.

However, that's not why this potential signing is awesome. If this goes through that means there's a strong chance we're going to get Morris vs Morris in a playoff series. If that happens in the WCF, even better. I want that to happen because I already know Mook will consider himself the best player on the floor no matter who is out there and something tells me Markieff will have that same mindset. We could see a playoff series ultimately determined by the Morris twins going at each other. Not LeBron/AD vs Kawhi/Paul George because make no mistake, if the Morris twins are on the floor late in a game they are taking every shot. 

If you didn't watch much Pistons basketball, here's a quick look at what Markieff can do