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Video: Man Racing Buffalos On Mud Track Runs 100 Meters In 9.5 Seconds

Gowda ran 142.5 meters in 13.62 seconds... 

...100 meters in 9.55 seconds. An entire football field + 9 more feet in less than 10 seconds...

And pardon my eloquence but 'holy shitballs'... A buffalo video with no broken folding tables? I've watched it about 10 times now just to be sure.

From BBC India:

Srinivas Gowda, 28, was competing in Kambala, a sport from the southern state of Karnataka where people sprint 142m through paddy fields with buffalo.

Mr Gowda is said to have finished in 13.42 seconds. Bolt holds the world 100m record of 9.58 seconds.

But the governing body for Kambala has warned against comparing him to Bolt.

"We would not like to indulge in any comparison with others," Prof K Gunapala Kadamba, president of the Kambala Academy, told BBC Hindi.

"They [Olympic event monitors] have more scientific methods and better electronic equipment to measure speed."

Pretty much every headline about this as it goes viral is saying this man 'beat Usain Bolt'. When it's difficult to grasp how impressive something is we try our best to understand by quantifying it compared to something else. The numbers are hard to imagine, but I've seen Usain Bolt run and, again, holy shitballs. So to know Gowda was in that range, even if the count is off a little, is still incredibly impressive. (I'm a sucker who'd click if I saw that as the lede, so I get it.)

#TheHaters are pointing out that Gowda was only faster because he was pulled by buffalo… but still… Any normal human would be getting absolutely dragged by those things.

As for the video, have to admit I'd never heard of the sport of Kambala before but might be doin' some deep diving on it this weekend. And even braver to me than the runners are the people that stand at the very end of that track right where these massive buffalo come running up at the end. Balls/vaginas of steel, no bull.