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Woman Got Stuck in the Bathroom at Work For 8 Hours After the Janitor Locked Her In

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FoxDC - It was a terrifying, unbelievable ordeal. Karen Perrin stayed at work until 10 o’clock last Friday night to finish a project, preparing her boss for international travel. She works for a private family foundation. Perrin packed up her bags, left them at her desk and made a trip to the ladies room. she had no purse or cell phone with her. When she came out of the stall, washed her hands and tried to leave, the restroom door was locked. Perrin, who is married to former Redskins Running Back Lonnie Perrin, couldn’t call him. She used a chair in the restroom to dismantle the lock on the door, ramming it, kicking the chair. It finally broke off, and she used it as a tool to chisel a hole in the wall next to the door. Eventually she was able to reach her hand through that hole and unlock the door from the outside. But that was more than eight hours later. She had slipped paper towels under the door, trying to get the attention of security monitoring the hallway by camera. She chiseled a small hole in the wall to the men’s room next door, but ran into a barrier. Her hand was bloody was trying to scratch her way out. She called her husband, Lonnie Perrin and her daughter, India, who came downtown to pick her up. Lonnie says he thought the worst had happened when his wife didn’t come home Friday night. She says she has no plans to sue, just wants other building managers to consider whether they need to make modifications so the same thing doesn’t happen to anybody else.

You know the old saying, you sleep in the bed you make? Well first off, if you make your bed, you’re a crazy person. But secondly, if you don’t bring your cell phone into the bathroom with you, you deserve any repercussions that follow. Remember when Aaron Ralston didn’t bring a phone or water and ended up getting stuck under a rock for 5 days? He cut off his own arm and drank his own piss. This is the exact same thing. Actually, getting stuck in the shitter at work for a weekend sounds worse. I don’t understand the thought process of not having a cell phone in the bathroom. Especially for chicks, cause they get to sit down to pee without being called names. It’s a designed cellphone break for chicks. That’s pure evolution. Since she didn’t evolve with the times, got left behind, and ended up getting locked into a bathroom because of it. That’s how science works.


Also, how about hardo janitor, locking the bathroom from the outside? Take a breather dude. Nothing good can come from that. If you get got over the weekend, everyone in the office is just shit out of luck on Monday when you’re not there to unlock your precious bathroom? Pure hayhem. They already have chicks staying til 10pm on Friday nights to do work, who knows what bedlam goes on during the day there.

PS: How quickly do you re-evaluate every life decision when you are ready to leave work at 10pm on a Friday night then get stuck in the shitter? You try to do the right thing by staying late, and get ear fucked as a result. If I’m her, I handed in my resignation papers the second I got out of there and booked a trip to Cancun.