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These Nuns Don't Want The Skins To Change Their Name

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Bog - Another home game, another unusual demonstration in support of the Redskins name.
This one comes from three women in burgundy-and-gold nun outfits with signs referencing the 11th Commandment. So weird. Everything is so weird.

There ya have it, God wants the Redskins to keep their name. 11th amendment. I missed that day of Sunday School but these ladies say so. Therefor, I think they have to change the name now. I think the chances they are real nuns is about 3%, but you can never be too sure. Nuns are kooky. And nuns are liars, born and bred. I’ve never seen a nun that didn’t look conniving and up to no good. Can we really trust 1) chicks, and 2) chicks who never want to get their rocks off? Not even a little bit. There’s no way they are in the right frame of mind to make an informed decision about what type of cheese to put on a sandwich, never mind the name of a professional sports franchise. Sheisty bitches always slapping people with rulers and flying around on broomsticks. You can’t trust a nun further than you can throw her, and these broads look heavy.