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Today In Redskins Namemania: Dan Snyder's Rich Neighbor Has Registered the Name "Washington Bravehearts"

skins helmet

TMZ – Something curious/suspicious is going on with the Washington Redskins … there’s evidence the owner might be caving to pressure to change the name. Here’s what we know. Redskins owner Dan Snyder lives in Potomac, Maryland, a few doors down from a very rich dude, Aris Mardirossian. Aris, a wealthy patent investor, registered the name, WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on October 17th. According to the Trademark application, obtained by TMZSports, Aris plans to use the name for “Entertainment in the nature of football games.” Aris also created a company called Washington Brave Hearts, LLC on the same day — Oct. 17th. We’ve also obtained the LLC docs but there are no specifics.

Hail to the Bravehearts! Hail victory!

There’s no debate that this is a real story. Not like the time where TMZ announced Lil Wayne was dead. This rich dude Aris Mardirossian is midget Dan Snyder’s friend and has registered the name Washington Bravehearts. The question is if Snyder is actually cracking to the pressure and setting the wheels in motion on a name change. Can’t imagine how PISSED he is somebody found out. Unless of course he is bringing an arena team to DC, it looks like he’s at least considering a name change.

Bravehearts as a name, I’m cool with it. Especially because I can’t find any evidence it’s anything besides a Mel Gibson movie title. Can’t find anything that says it’s an actual term for a warrior. Makes me smile like The Joker that they’d inevitably be called the “Braves”, which will only remind people of the Redskins. People won’t be able to forget about the old name unless they drastically change it. Kind of a sick troll by Snyder, “we’ll change the name, but not really change it that much at all”.
What it is showing is that the name of a team is basically irrelevant. And I’m cringing thinking about the insufferable fans who will refuse to ever refer to the team as anything besides the Redskins. It’d be like calling the Wizards the Bullets still. It’s just a team name. I’m already over it. Just need the okay from Costas and Reilly before I’m 100% ok with Bravehearts. No idea if that’s offensive to the Scottish people or not.