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Adam Silver Laid The Smackdown on Racist Donald Sterling

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Welp, lifetime ban for Sterling. I audibly gasped when it was announced. For the last few days, we’ve all been joking but not joking about what it means when an owner gets a suspension. Like, how can you possibly hurt this guy? I guess publicly humiliating him and stripping him of his team was the only way to send the message. Yes, Sterling still profits, but Silver did the most he could. You have to give Silver all the credit in the world. Been on the job for 3 weeks and just laid the banhammer down on a guy who has been part of the NBA for decades. Isn’t even a little bit phased by it. Expects the rest of the owners to have his back, which they will, because having Sterling in the league costs everyone money. Good for Silver for taking a stand here. If we want to look at it from his side, yes it sucks his bitchy girlfriend recorded his private conversations, but he showed no remorse, and didn’t even tell Silver he was sorry. He’s just a horrible human being and there’s no place for him in the NBA or Earth, really.