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Drinking On An El Train Might Become Legal In Chicago

WGN - An Illinois lawmaker wants to get rid of a law that prohibits drinking alcohol on trains.

Naperville Democratic Sen. Laura Ellman’s proposal would repeal the Railroad Intoxicating Liquor Act of 1911 — which prohibits drinking alcohol on trains and around train stations.

It's very preliminary, but what's really holding us back from doing this?

Do people think that other people will now actively seek out drinking on the El and that they're going to have alot of drunk incidents on there? Because I don't think it'll be as bad as you think. You drink on the El to help get from Point A to Point B. Just a quick little roadie from your stop before you get to Wrigley Field without having to worry about getting pinched for a couple hundred dollars.

It's a miserable experience to be on whatever God forsaken color line you're on anyways so why not make it better by having a couple cold ones. The brutal days of Lollapalooza, St. Patricks Day, or any other fest are filled with drunk people hiding drinks anyway so you might as well have them out in the open so you can judge them for what they drink while hating their guts for being loud.

P.S. - This is for the normal people that won't abuse the privilege which is 95% of us. You'll have a couple quick ones in peace and then that'll be the end of it. The people who are going to be loud assholes making beer towers should be shamed off the train.