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There's A Strong Possibility Nick Nurse Tried To Sabotage The Boston Celtics And I Will Not Stand For It

So as we know, Kemba is out tonight. A little weird considering there was just a 10 year break between their last game and tonight, but we've heard Brad talk well before the All Star break about how they were going to be cautious with rest for their main guys over the second half of the season. You should have no problem with that because this is a team that is going to have to heavily rely on their top 7 once the playoffs start. Shortened rotations like you read about. So if this is an opportunity to give Kemba a little more rest so he can be ready to roll on Sunday then whatever. I'm not someone who is upset Kemba played in the All Star game, he looked fine. It's not like he hid an injury to play or anything like that. 

But I'm no dummy. Look at BRobb's tweet. We all know Kemba is a competitor who didn't want to come out, but 15 straight minutes? There's one man and one man only who is in charge of All Star rotations and that is Nick Nurse. You know Nick Nurse right? Head coach of who? Oh that's right the Toronto Raptors. The same team currently in a dogfight with the Celtics for the #2 seed. They own a 1.5 game lead over Boston but trail the H2H season series which is important in terms of tie breakers. Let me ask you something, do you think it's a coincidence that his best player Pascal Siakam only played 18 minutes on Sunday? Even his point guard Kyle Lowry played under 30 minutes. But we have Kemba playing 32 minutes including 15 straight? 

Something stinks to the high heavens. Trae Young played 16 minutes in that game, you're telling me he couldn't have been put in? I feel like nobody is really talking about this so if I'm the one that has to be the whistleblower fine. This was about as clear a case of sabotage as you will ever see. Nobody probably noticed because the game was so entertaining, but here's the thing, Kemba wasn't even playing that well in the fourth! There was no reason for him to be out there! It wouldn't shock me if Brad saw what was unfolding and actually uttered a curse word. I mean on one hand your best player basically never plays and on the other hand you run a massively important piece to your direct competitor directly into the ground. Now he's out his first game after the break. Coincidence? No chance. Nick Nurse knew what he was doing and frankly I need him investigated. I'm not sure what can be done about this but just know karma is a bitch. 

It'd be a shame if this somehow came back to bite Nick Nurse and the Raptors in a playoff series. A real shame.