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Chicks On Craigslist Willing To Exchange Nudes For Pizza

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.52.39 AM

This is a completely serious offer. My roommate and I are willing to send nude pictures of ourselves (no headshots) for pizza to be sent to our building. We are both 18 from UMD and are average/good looking young women. If I receive a serious offer, kik will be exchanged. For pictures to be sent, a clear confirmation of ordering said pizzas will be asked. thank you!!!!

Now this feels particularly Chris Hanson-y. I feel like the minute I ordered some Dominos to this house a task force would break down my door and put me in cuffs. They say they’re 18 but the chances that these broke bitches who cant afford fucking pizza are underage is about 75%.

But you gotta tip your cap to these chicks. This is capitalism at its finest. This is America. They want pizza. Guys want to see chicks naked. Thats a marketplace, folks. They get some Cheesy Bread, I get to see 18 year old chicks naked, everybody wins. Plus you know I’m gonna order my own pizza too so I actually get both naked chicks and cheesy bread. King of the fucking world. Aint no pizza better than free pizza and aint no nudes better than barely legal nudes. God Bless you, Craigslist. You make things that I never even dreamed possible come to fruition.

PS – If I was a chick I would do shit like this all the time. Get all sorts of free stuff in exchange for harmless, non incriminating pictures? I’d probably have a whole menu to choose from. “Tit shot = large pizza” “Ass shot = large pizza and mozzarella sticks” “Pussy shot = pay my cable bill.” Basically what I’m telling you is I would be a prostitute if I was a chick. I’d work more on the barter system but essentially prostitution.

PPS – Love the “we are average/good looking you women.” Self awareness like a motherfucker. Not blowing any smoke. You’re gonna get naked pics of a 6 for about 15-20 bucks.