BEAST MODE! Marshawn Lynch Plays A "Pretty Substantial Role" In Westworld Season 3

ESPN — ...Yes, that was Lynch flashing on screen in HBO's trailer for Season 3 of the sci-fi series "Westworld," which premiered Thursday. In the trailer, the Seattle Seahawks running back walks behind actor Aaron Paul in a particularly dramatic scene about 54 seconds into the clip, sporting a T-shirt with the word "BORED" illuminated on it, along with the words "AMUSED," "ANGRY," "SAD" and "EXCITED."

In all my excitement about the Westworld Season 3 trailer yesterday, I totally missed what may be the best part:

Beast Mode!

All about that actin boss!

Is it just a brief cameo? Like GOT kept throwing in to try and salvage its bummer of a final season? Not according to HBO:

But is Beast Mode a good guy or a villain? Does he have a speaking role (might he risk being fined if he doesn't talk?) or is he a silent enforcer?

HBO execs couldn't reveal too much about Lynch's role, lest the plot also be exposed, but a spokesperson for the network said Lynch is expected to have a "fun and pretty substantial role" as he veers from his football persona.

Runnin through androids like