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The Americans Returns Tonight

GREAT choice of music for this trailer with “I’ll Be Watching You.”

Most underrated show, and in my opinion the flat out best show, on TV returns tonight. If you arent in on the Americans, get in on it now. Binge the first 2 seasons as fast as you can because season 3 is gonna be fucking fantastic. The Centre is pushing for “second generation espionage” and are now targeting the children of Soviet spies. Stan Beaman is about to go on a fucking rampage after the events that went down with Nina. Philip and Elizabeth are on the verge of turning on Mother Russia for the sake of their family. Keri Russel hopefully continues to wear a lot of wigs and fuck a lot of guys. Season 3 and 4 are gonna be what launches this show into the mainstream, mark my words.

If you need a quick refresher on the things that went down Season 2 – here’s a step by step slide show that will remind you of the basics

And fuck NBC for making “Allegiance.” Just a watered down version of the Soviet spy storyline that the Americans crushes.