This Beast Is Better At Jumping Rope Than You Are At Tying Your Own Shoes

Christ, bud. Save some for the rest of us. 

Some people go through life without ever finding out what their one true purpose is. It's a sad reality but it's reality nonetheless. They just go about their time here going through the motions and living each day without fulfilling the reason they were put on this Earth in the first place. But not this beast. Not a fucking chance. This man was brought into this world for one reason and one reason only. That reason is to jump the fuck out of some rope. 

You just think back on some masters of their craft. People like Jimi Hendrix on a guitar. People like Van Gogh on a blank canvas. Most of us never got to witness that live, but we are here now and we all get to witness this animal jumping rope. I think we just need to sit back and appreciate how lucky we all are. There are going to be people coming along in 30 or 40 or 50 years from now who will be wishing to themselves that they had the chance to see a true master go to work like this, and we have it right in front of our eyes today. Legendary.