Blackjack Dealers Are The Common Enemy Across All Classes Of Life, A Bond We All Share No Matter How Much Money We Have

Some people in the world are universally disliked. Nazis, singing flight attendants, Samir Paloof, and blackjack dealers. Blackjack dealers are the common enemy amongst us all- no matter who we are, where we're from, our backgrounds, our tax brackets, anything. It's us vs them. When you are sitting at a blackjack table whether amongst friends or strangers, there is no better bonding than a sick run where everyone is winning, high-fiving, stacking chips, and killing the dealer. If you've never experienced this yet, you will one day, and you'll remember it forever. 

But when you have a bad run, it's brutal. And that brings me back to the first point- it doesn't matter what tax bracket you're in, the dealer will try to steal your soul.

It doesn't matter if it's a $200 bet

Or two $8,000 bets,

the blackjack dealer is a cruel motherfucker. I don't know what's sicker, the dealer's 8 card 21 or the player nailing 21 on two separate hands and the dealer just spiking that 5 immediately for the push. Either way, it's a sick, cruel game. 

But shout out to this absolute hero who turned the tables on the whole damn operation.

BOOM! And it doesn't even matter that it's a $10 bet because it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, any time you get a run out like that, you take a pic and get yourself a cocktail. You have earned it.

(PS: Some people get confused looking at the hands. If you're one of those people, always read the dealer's hand from left to right from their vantage point.)



On Thursday's episode of Cracking Aces we talked some bad beats. The worst bad beats we've ever given and taken, and of course the famous WSOP bad beat quad aces vs royal flush.

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