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Islanders Host The Rangers For Another Blueshirt Beatdown To Kick Off The Second Half

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Its gonna be cold. Its gonna be dark. Its gonna be dreary. And it is gonna be LOUD tonight at the Barn. The 2nd half kicks off against the Rags as the Isles make their march to the Stanley Cup. There’s no denying the Isles start their playoff push at a huge disadvantage. Kyle Okposo out 6-8 weeks with a mysterious upper body injury aint good. It aint good at all. Nobody really knows where it came from but everybody knows its a problem. KO is the team’s second leading scorer behind JT with 44 points on 14 goals and 30 assists. He single handedly beat the Penguins a few weeks ago. He’s an enormous piece of the front line and this whole team.

Luckily the New York Islanders have the best 4th line in the NHL. As a matter of fact, they might be the greatest 4th line in the history of hockey. Yup, I said it. I’m trying to run through all the seasons of hockey I’ve watched and I cant recall a single 4th line thats been as important to a team as the 2015 Islanders. The Bash Brothers Matty Martin and Cal Clutterbuck. Zeek right by their side. If there’s any team thats equipped to withstand an injury to one of its biggest producers, its this squad. Is a big hit but its nothing Cappy and the rest of the team cant over come.

Tonight’s Official 2nd Half Battle Level: BARBARIAN.