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Frank Caliendo As Bill Walton Calling A Game With Bill Walton Hurt My Brain

I said it in the tweet. This is what happens when your dog sees himself in the mirror, has no idea what to do and then starts growling and barking at himself. That was real life Bill Walton, who went quiet for far too long and by Bill Walton standards. Caliendo just out here dropping Walton lines that are staples like the '7th worst possession in Oregon history.' He nailed that one. My one complaint is that he didn't go more Walton. He needed to mix it up with Pasch more. He needed to start going on tangents and making not so subtle weed jokes. He also needed to eat a cupcake that had a candle that was still very much lit. 

This is all part of the reason why I love this late Thursday tip with Walton/Pasch. I've said it before but I don't need the x's and o's broken down here in this game. I need to be entertained more often than not. You can literally see an analysis of any game thanks to Twitter. If I'm listening to a game, I want entertainment. Walton/Pasch give that. Also Caliendo's impressions are just fucking good. I have no idea how to change your voice like that, but it's impressive as hell.