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It Is With A Heavy Heart That We Must Announce This - Kylie Did Not Get Up, Nor Did She Have This

I have no idea if she spells it Kylie. There are a million ways to spell names and guessing is pointless and likely incorrect. But we're going with Kylie. She did not get up. She was not close to getting up. That's really what makes this whole video. It's not the Dwyane Wade joke which is currently being made all across the Internet. It's not the fact that we get to watch this video: 


It's the fact that we have the PA guy screaming for Kylie to get up only for her to have no idea how to use a trampoline. You don't jog to the trampoline. You need to be hitting that shit at 90mph like the car in Road Trip 

That said, her dunking doesn't go viral. You should always dunk on trampolines. It's a ton of fun and super easy. But the PA guy with the 'OH' right as she lands on the mat is laugh out loud funny. Kylie did not get up. Now some obligatory Slamball videos: