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Butch Jones Has Been Promoted to Assistant to the Regional Manager

Man, what a big day in the Jones household. Butch goes from an offensive analyst — not a real coach — up to special assistant to the head coach — also not a real coach — all the while collecting $200,000 a month from the University of Tennessee. What a finesse god Lyle Jones is.

I would like to know how Butch's responsibilities will differ in going from an analyst to special assistant. It reads to me like even having him watch film and give reports to the real coaches was too much work and he will now be performing solely secretarial tasks. At least he gets a cool title.

I can't wait until February 28, 2021. The day that final buyout check clears, I will be throwing a massive party and every VFL in New York City and beyond is invited. I want every trace of that snake gone from Knoxville.

But in all earnestness, congratulations to Butch. He gets a new title to be Nick Saban's water boy and damn it if he doesn't deserve it. Nobody in Tuscaloosa brings Saban his coffee faster than Lyle.