Weathermen Apologize For Getting Snowpocalgeddon Forecasts Wrong

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First thing’s first I really wish Lonnie Quinn was a part of this apology train. He didn’t say anything on twitter, but his outfit said it all:


You cant go Threat Level 3 with your sleeves and then Threat Level 4 at night and then just show up in the full suit the next day when your forecast was off by about 24 inches. That outfit is pure defeat, you just gotta admit it Lonnie. You’re talking to a guy that declared the Patriots dead week 4. Sometimes you just gotta own up to your mistakes and admit you were wrong.

Especially if you value the integrity of the weather game. You know whats gonna happen if the weathermen keep getting shit this drastically incorrect? We’re all gonna end up that old bitch from Dante’s Peak who has to walk through the lake of acid:

I used to watch that movie and say “Good riddance, you old bitch. You deserve that death by acid.” She was warned like 200 times that the volcano was about to blow and ignored all of it. Well after Winter Storm Juno and some of the past winters we’ve had, I dont think I can blame her anymore. I refuse to let the weather industry dupe me one more time. Last night was the last time I ever stock up on a couple hundred bucks of food and booze and supplies. Ain’t gonna let these pompous meteorologists trick me into spending all that money again. And I’m sure one day they’ll call for a snowmageddon and just like that old bitch grandma I’ll refuse to believe it. Chances are I wont die in a lake of acid but I might freeze and/or starve to death. And a lot more people will too. Because every time these weathermen swing and miss like this, we all become a little bit like that old acid bitch. A little more jaded and bitter and skeptical.

Unless you want that blood on your hands, Lonnie Quinn, stop fucking with your sleeves. Tell all your cronies to get better. Fix their models. Somehow its like you guys are getting worse.