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Ja Morant Grants Wish Of Teen From Viral Wisdom Teeth Surgery Video

No matter how much of a try-hard I am, or how long I spend crafting a joke, or the amount of effort I put into any piece of content, I know one thing will always ring true... None of it will ever be more successful than a video from the 'kid immediately after wisdom teeth surgery' genre. (But I'm not bitter about it ha ha good for them ha ha)

Anyways, in this case - in a video viewed nearly 1M times on Twitter in less than a day - a young gent named Jonathan bobs around in the passenger seat in an anesthesia haze as he laments the lack of Grizzlies player Ja Morant in his life. He wants to see him, and he is devastated that he cant. (Understandable.)

Jonathan asks the man in the driver seat, who I'm assuming is his dad, to tell Morant he says hello. His dad assures him he will which doesn't quite cheer him up, but brings a slight bit of peace between laughing-gas laden sobs. 


But something that should cheer him up for sure? Morant saw the video & responded with some good vibes: 

So it looks like soon enough he'll be going to a game & probably even getting to meet one of his idols. Gotta say, Morant's response even cheered me up & I wasn't even sad. (I think it was his extremely positive emoji use?)

Lately anesthesia videos seem to be a recipe for success when it comes to connecting with athletes & celebs, and just the other week I covered a story where Danica Patrick & Aaron Rodgers respond to a teen after hers went viral. 

Last year a teen even got on Ellen after she went super viral in her request to meet the talk show host, and there's plenty of other examples along these lines. 


Again, like I said, I'm not bitter. Genuinely happy for all these kids. In fact, my own cousin got hers removed in the city today & I let her recoup at the office. And you're not gonna believe this, but she also went rambling & seeing as I'm in the #content game, I couldn't help but record it. Good luck with this one, cuz! ha ha