Bored? Want To Judge Something? Check Out Moby's Vegan Tattoos

But wait, there's more!

This particular photo above got lots of responses on Instagram, & as it swirled through Twitter everyone seemed to have one other tattooed gent in mind... 

The one & only, legendary, "Mr. CooL ICE". 



There's plenty more but you get the idea.

Personally I remember Mr. CooL ICE from the days of yore when Ebaumsworld & photo galleries were peak entertainment. Every week or so a 'bad tattoo gallery' would pop up & sure as the sun rises in the East, Mr. CooL ICE was somewhere in the pack. And he's been somewhere in the back of my mind ever since. 

Here's a photo collage of him set to the Jonas Brothers for no reason & then him explaining why he calls himself that:

And great news, he seems to be thriving these days.

I guess the same can be said for Moby? Right? He's ok, right guys? Guys?

That being said, Porcelain still slaps. Right? You guys? Guys?