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Wheel of Fortune Contestant Tries to Dominate Pat Sajak, Gets Mortal Kombat Fatalitied.

Everyone meet James Trahan.

James here thinks he’s special. He is the type of person who is convinced that you can jump the entire lake at Royal Raceway in ‘Mario Kart’ and land on the pavement — if you simply try enough times.

I hate to break this to ya, dude, but, it’s not happening.

Let’s do a quick play-by-play of this amazing moment in game show history, from Friday’s “Wheel of Fortune” episode…

(0:05) “The Pointed Desert” is actually a really good guess because ‘O’ and ‘I’ hadn’t been used yet. Extra credit points to the chick who looks like the offspring of ‘Fat Bastard’ from “Austin Powers” and that evil girl from ‘The Ring’.

(0:14) “THE POINTED DESERT!” – James Trahan

(0:15) “No, YOU still have time…” – Pat Sajak, trolling/politely letting the audience know that James is an idiot while simultaneously giving him a second-chance.

(0:17) “Oh, I still have time?” – James Trahan, who has seemingly forgot the rules of “final spin”.

(0:19) OH MAN, what an unfathomably demeaning, COCKY hand gesture by Sajak. The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ equivalent of…

(0:20) “Ok, I’d like to solve…”

Oh, he figured it out. All is well.

(0:21) “K, THEN SAY IT…”


(0:22) “The. Pointed. Desert.”

Said as if Sajak didn’t hear him the first time. Bro, do you know who you’re talking to? This guy is ‘The Sultan of Synonyms’ … ‘The King of Dashes’ … ‘The Colossus of Shout’. NOTHING gets by the grim reaper of letters. How dare you speak to him in that tone — as if he made a mistake.

(0:23) “IT’S NOT THE POINTED DESERT” .. [BUZZER] .. “No matter how many times you say it.”


capitals fire


(0:36) “I was just gonna give him ‘Pointed Desert’ because he was so insistent…”

Stop it, Sajak. He’s already dead. Show some mercy, his family is in the crowd.

Ultimately, this video brings up a bigger issue: where does this rank among the most pathetic game show moments of all-time? Is it the worst? To find out, I counted down the Top 100 #fails in game show history — which you can read here.