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Another Wade Boggs Drinking Urban Legend Surfaces

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Fan GraphsIn 2001, Rose was “all fired up” when he was claimed off waivers by the Devil Rays. “Not because I was going to Tampa,” explained Rose, “but because Wade Boggswas a coach there. He was my idol growing up.” Rose soon learned that Boggs could put away cold ones like nobody else. “I was sitting next to him on a plane and a flight attendant came by and gave him a case of beer,” said Rose. “He slid it under the seat and I was like, ‘What’s up with that? We only have an hour flight.’ He said, ‘That’s mine.’ “The whole flight, we were just shooting the shit, and he went one beer after the other. I said to him, ‘I’m impressed with the way you hit, but I’m more impressed right now.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, beer doesn’t affect me. I don’t get drunk unless I’ve had at least a case and a half.’ I don’t think he even went to the bathroom.”

Case of beer on an hour long flight. Infinitely more impressive than 64 on a cross country flight. At this point you could throw out Wade Boggs stories with any combination of beer and time and I’d believe it. As long as he’s on an airplane I’ll believe absolutely anything Wade Boggs did with beer. Airplanes to Wade Boggs is like the yellow sun to Superman. Its like the source of all his power. Sit him down on a 747 and he can drinking 200 beers on a shuttle from New York to Boston.

PS – The craziest part isnt that it takes a case and a half to get drunk, its that he doesnt even piss when he goes on these binges. Guy is like a fucking camel storing it in his humps or something.