SPOILER ALERT: Chris Harrison Is Feeding Rumor Mills With This Pic Of Pilot Pete And Bachelor Producer Julie LaPlaca

NOBODY plays the game better than Chris Harrison. Pete Weber leaving the Bachelor with a producer from the show as his girlfriend is just about the worst kept secret on the internet. It's such a bad secret that I didn't even hear it on the internet. Someone told it to me in person. It's spread that fast. Chris Harrison has given people an ounce of action and now it's turning into a tidal wave. Pete finds a girl but it's not crazy Victoria, or Hannah Ann, or America's Sweetheart Madison Prewett. Nope. Alllegedly they broke a cardinal rule of reality TV and we have an off-camera romance happening right before our eyes. And if they're supposed to be keeping the relationship a secret they're doing a VERY shitty job of it because the two of them have been photographed recently at a winery. Fucking Pete. Just the worst judgement of all-time. How the FUCK did this guy get his pilot's license. Imagine him in a crisis? You're leaving a crater in the ground if this season is any indication of his common sense. The common sense thing to do...pick Madison, run away together, and hope your kids get her athleticism and not yours. 

I tried to find some slutty pics of her on instagram and guess what...they don't exist. She's possibly the first girl in the history of instagram with almost a million followers to not have one single slutty picture. Remarkable.