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Lance Thomas, PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER for the New York Knicks

Who says the refs don’t call travels/double-dribbles/up-and-downs in NBA games?

Now, THIS is how you Knicks. I legitimately counted five violations in six seconds.

  •  2 Double-Dribbles
  • 1 Out-of-Bounds
  • 1 Up-and-Down
  • 1 Drag Foot/Travel

The officials not calling anything here is as funny as the play itself. If this doesn’t solicit a whistle, what the hell does?

In all seriousness, enough of the damn W streak, tonight was the perfect Knicks game for fans of the team. A close, competitive game where the young guys play hard/well/get crucial crunch-time minutes experience, and ultimately lost. There is too much at stake this summer to be doing something stupid — like winning…

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