Francesa With A Kingly Response As The Francesacon Crowd Chants "Fuck Michael Kay!"

What an incredible moment at Francesacon Part II. “Nobody caeahs about him.” So perfect.

I’ll be honest at first I didnt like the way everything went down with Francesacon 2. I liked it better when it was just all the mongos getting together at the bar. When Mike got involved and things were moved to Irving Plaza it lost all its luster for me. I liked it when the idea was like a party and not like a structured event. But after seeing him take the stage like a freaking stand up comedian entertaining that crowd I’m pissed I missed it. Crackin jokes about Fox Sports 1 and Michael Kay. Clowning around with Bill and Mike as they did their Mike and the Mad Dog impressions. The live band playing the Mike’s On theme. Looks like it all came together really well. Plus made a bunch of money for charity so thats always awesome. Great work out of Mike and Ron and all the Francesacon guys. Incredible that not only were they able to get Francesa to attend, but take the stage and basically perform. Great day for Mongo Nation. Here’s to part 3 next year.