Draftkings Coming In Hot With The Pro Bowl/Super Bowl Combo Challenge

The Desert Bowl, baby! Draftkings is just flat out making new ways to play fantasy. I mean this one is pure chaos. Its a Super Bowl/Pro Bowl hybrid. Thats such a preposterous idea you basically have to throw your hat in the ring. I’m waiting for them to start doing cross-sport challenges. Drafting Tom Brady and Kevin Durant for the same tournament or something.

The Super Bowl/Pro Bowl challenge features basically all the best players in football and is more or less a complete crapshoot. Absolutely no reason you cant be the $5,000 winner. After this fantasy football is gone…might as well give it one last shot

Contest Details:
-NFL $50K Desert Bowl
-$50,000 in Guaranteed prizes, 1st place wins $5,000
-$20 to enter, only 2,840 spot available and filling up fast!
-Just when you thought the Fantasy Football at DraftKing was over, they’ve come through with an idea to actually make the Pro Bowl interesting
-Draft 9 players from both the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl, and you’ll have a chance to win a share of $50,000 in prizes!
-This is your last shot at Fantasy Football for the whole offseason so make it count.