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Kevin Garnett And JR Rider Telling The Story Of KG Ruining A Game By Talking Shit To Jordan Is VINTAGE MJ

I love this shit. It feels like every other week now we're getting a new story about Jordan just doing something like this. It's also perfect that it's JR Rider and Garnett. No one loved talking shit more than Garnett, even at a young age here as they explain. Naturally what happened? 

The Bulls outscored the Wolves 38-20 in the 4th and won 120-99. As if there was any other ending to this story. You simply don't talk shit to Jordan. The man thrives for it. Remember he did this once to the Grizzlies:

No one thrived more when someone started talking shit to him more than Jordan. It's why I HATED him growing up. He just ruined my childhood beating the Knicks every damn time. It really just let me know at a young age that the Knicks would never win, but I couldn't cheer for this guy. He destroyed by basketball fandom when I was like 7.

And you know JR Reid knew this shit was over the moment KG started talking. He knew what he was in for and knew that his game was ruined. I love the part where KG is talking about going to the bench. He realized what he did. Talking all winded and telling JR it was his fault. Uhh, ya think dude? 

MJ, so goddamn ruthless. There was no one better at mental warfare than Jordan.