Longtime Stoolies Lundy & Herman Go Viral For Unlikely Friendship At Animal Shelter

Loooongtime Stoolies, Lundy & Herman. Brick by brick, Lundy & Herman. They're out here taking the internet by storm... 

From reporter Raven Brown at WHEC

Lundy, an eight-week-old Chihuahua, and Herman, the pigeon, have been having some fun being roommates at The Mia Foundation in Hilton [NY] for more than a month.

“Unbelievable that a simple, cute picture would go this crazy,” Sue Rogers said. 

Gary and Sue Rogers run the non-profit that helps animals with special needs and birth defects.

Sue said Herman was brought in more than a year ago as a permanent resident, unable to fly most likely due to West Nile Virus or a brain injury. Lundy arrived six weeks ago from North Carolina with special needs unable to walk with his back legs. 

"Thursday night I took Herman out of his playpen to give him some time out and I put him in a dog bed and then I had to tend to Lundy so I put Lundy in with him,” Sue said. “They just looked really cute together so I took some pictures and posted them to Facebook and the next morning it was crazy.”

The post captured the hearts of millions around the world.

“Just from a simple picture of a pigeon and a puppy being shared, we've already brought in over $6,000 in donations,” Sue said.

I mean…. Find me a more photogenic duo. You can't. These two are like the 'Zillion Beers' of Mia's Foundation… they're gonna reel in the big bucks. 


Seeing this story rang a bell about a children's book in my head, and at first I was thinking Billy Madison.. (Thank you very much, Miss Lippy!!) But that was just a puppy who lost his way without any pigeon involvement. 

Then it hit me that this Lundy x Herman scene was actually familiar because for the last few years a book series about a pigeon has been one of my go-to books for baby showers & little kid birthdays. Looks like after all these years the Pigeon finally got its wish…