Nobody Can Impersonate Coach O, Nick Saban, Or Colin Cowherd Better Than Joey Mulinaro

If there's 2 people that have taken over Twitter the past couple weeks, it's been Dana B's Zillion Beers movement, and Joey Mulinaro's killer impressions. Since posting a Nick Saban impression on Thanksgiving, Joey's videos have been blowing up!

 Nick Saban isn't the only coach he can crush. He's also been famously known as Coach O, Dabo Swinney, and Mike Leach.

Ignore the Travis Scott part, but HE DONT MISS! 

My personal favorite is his Andrew Luck impression. From the nerdy voice, to the goofy looks, and the hissing, it's all spot on.

How did I find Joey? This is a cool story. We used to be interns under Pat McAfee back when Barstool Heartland, a.k.a Barstool America, a.k.a Barstool Indy was still alive. Joey and I both made videos for 3 months at Heartland along with 25 other interns. After the internship, we all parted ways and either went back to school, or back to our normal jobs. But now, he's being featured on ESPN, dozens of radio shows, and truly getting the recognition he deserves. 

Joey is on a heater. Dave has mentioned before there will be another season of Barstool Idol coming soon. I wouldn't be surprised if the young Frank Caliendo got selected for an audition. If you need a laugh, I highly recommend scrolling through Indiana's hometown hero for an endless amount of laughs.