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Adam Schefter's Marathon Story Is The Most Amazing Hardo Marathon Story I've Ever Heard In My Life


AMAZING. I literally sat here with my mouth agape listening to Schefty tell this story.   Not because I was impressed, but because I’ve never heard anybody so  full of themselves in my life.  This is EVERYTHING I’ve been saying about marathon people for the past decade.  Like you know that part about him rolling around on the airplane?  I’m sure that is no exaggeration.  I guarantee he was really writhing around on the floor wearing his marathon jacket and his medal screaming “look at me” to the rest of the plane.. He definitely had an ambulance waiting for him on the tarmac.   Adam Schefter is “That Marathon Guy” times a billion. Not enough to just run the race for yourself. He’s got to let the world know about how hard it was, how awesome he is and how his experience was the hardest of anybody who has ever run it before. Fucking Schefty’s marathon story FTW!


PS – I wonder if Pat Bowlen had to go on welfare after donating 1,000 bucks to cancer research?