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I Went On Al Duke's New Podcast "Al's Boring Podcast"

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AL HUUUGHES. The producer of #1 rated WFAN morning show Boomer and Carton steps out from behind the glass and in front of the mic in his new podcast, Al’s Boring Podcast. Hes gonna profile a new person in the sports media/radio broadcast world each week on his show. So episode 1 was the child prodigy turned Francesa heir apparent Evan Roberts. Episode 2 was Scott Shannon – 30 year radio legend from Z100 and WPLJ.

Episode 3 is me. So either Al ran out of guests real quick or someone cancelled on him or something.

The premise of the show is people in media and broadcast explaining how they got their start and talking about their careers and stuff. So for those long time Stoolies that have been reading and listening, you’ve heard the story of me getting my start at Barstool many times before. For any of the new Stoolies interested on how Barstool New York began and a look behind the curtain for the life of blogging, give it a listen, Yesterday Carton said the life of a blogger is just getting drunk, smoking weed, hanging with strippers, and selling T shirts. 1 of those things is true. Listen to find out which one! (hint: its the t shirts one.)

PS – If you’re a WFAN fan or you like Al Dukes do him a favor and give him a 5 start rating. Takes 2 seconds and goes a LONG way with climbing the iTunes charts. If you got a couple extra seconds leave a review too