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Man Gets Tangled In Power Lines Whilst Paragliding, Has To Wait Over Three Hours To Come Down


OLIVEHURST, CAlif. (KTXL) -- Emergency crews rescued a paraglider after he became trapped in power lines near the Yuba County Airport.

Just after 5 p.m. Wednesday, the Yuba County Sheriff's Office says they got a call about a paraglider who had crashed on Sky Harbor Drive near Arboga Road.

The paraglider was struggling to land in the area when he became entangled in nearby power lines, according to the sheriff's office.

People who seek weird thrills like paragliding this will always confuse me. I actually had to look up what paragliding is because I kept thinking it was hang gliding. Apparently the two are different yet their pretty much the same thing. It's all just an attempt to fly which of course sounds fucking awesome as a concept, but people seem to forget that we're fucking humans. We're not supposed to fly. Sure, let me just risk my entire existence so I can feel like a fucking pigeon. Thanks but no thanks.

"Guyssssss, could help me down pleaseeee"

I mean this guy just looks like a bug caught in a spider web. He's totally helpless! All he can do is pray that the electricity doesn't suddenly decide to cook his proverbial goose. I view this as a circle of trust, I trust you guys. That being said, am I the only one who is shocked (no pun intended) this guy didn't get zapped into a billion pieces?? I just kind of thought that if you even so much as touch these power lines, you're history. Personally, I couldn't handle this embarrassment and that precisely why I stay away from things like paragliding. It's all fun and games until your hanging by power lines like an old pair of sneakers.

That's another thing, how'd he even manage to do this in the first place? Well seeing that the sun doesn't set in Yuba County until around 5:48 PM, I'd assume there was at least some daylight out when he crashed, so it's not like he couldn't see. I think it was probably just a case of him being overconfident in his paragliding abilities. "Yeah, I'll totally clear those lines". 

yes I know the videos showed that it was dark out, but those were taken well after the actual crash

Olivehurst Fire Battalion Chief Randy York said Pacific Gas and Electric needed to make sure all the energy was drained from the wires before they could physically contact the man.

“Our main focus was letting him know to stay in contact with the aircraft, not to try to reach out, touch us or move around as much so that the aircraft stayed still and wouldn’t potentially fall,” York explained.

At 8:15 p.m., roughly three hours after the crash, two firefighters lowered the man back to the ground. He has been transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

Three. Hours. I could even imagine standing up for three hours, much less being suspended in the air for that long. For any mere mortal, I'd imagine that would be a scary situation. Not to a paragliding daredevil like this man. No, this guy - who I assume uses the sunglasses emoji frequently - had nothing to fear. These guys are F E A R L E S S. 

In all seriousness though, it's good to see that he came away unharmed. Maybe this will teach him the lesson that he, is in fact, a human being and that he is meant to be grounded. Absolutely no need to play hero ball just so you can tell everyone that you come in contact with that you're a paragliding enthusiast. No need at all.