Father Time Blows: Roger Federer Had Knee Surgery Yesterday And Will Be Out Until The Summer

Father time is such a mother fucker. As I said in a blog last month, watching one of your favorite athletes get old just sucks. I first got the taste of it with Jeter and Pats fans might finally be getting it now with Brady. It's the ultimate realization that you yourself are getting old and there's nothing you can do about it. These guys aren't immortal and some point will stop playing the sport you've watched them dominate since you could remember thoughts. 

Federer is 38 years old and his body just can't take on the toll of a full tennis season anymore. Today he announced to the world that he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in Switzerland yesterday. It's pretty wild that a 38 year old is having knee surgery and is not retiring from the sport. I'd say 99% of people would call it quits right there which just speaks to how absurd Federer is. 

As a result he's going to miss five tournaments coming up: Dubai, Miami, Indian Wells, Bogota, and the French Open. A few years ago Federer won both IW and Miami in back to back weeks. Now he can't play in either. Goddamit. I don't really give a shit about him missing the French. We saw him play in it in 2019 for old time's sake when he fell to Rafa in the semis. That's all we needed.  There's no need to go through a clay court season at his age when he has no shot of winning in Roland Garros. 

He'll probably take a significant drop in points from now until his return then which will put him out of the top 4 seeding and likely in the 6 or 7 range. That probably means he'll run into a Rafa or Djoker in the quarters which isn't ideal. Still, that's the grand slam he still has a shot at winning as far as far as I'm concerned. The last time he had surgery like this he sat out 6 months and came back to win the Australian Open in 2017 as the 17 seed so anything can happen. Who knows? 

Getting old fucking blows.