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Wednesday Afternoon Mailtime: All Aboard The Hate Train!

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All Aboard the Hate Train! We’re riding this one all the way until we come flying off the tracks!



I wish this Deflate Gate news broke before I recorded MailTime yesterday, because I actually gave the fanbase some credit. Had I known just a few hours later theu were all gonna be whiny bitches I would have acted accordingly.

But regardless its the Hate Train episode. Nice little session spitting venom at Portnoy, Feits and the rest of New England. We breakdown the decision of the Wall Street Porn Star, Joel Embiid embracing that MailTime life, the old bitch who pays $165,000 a year to permanently live on a cruise ship, and the life of a newlywed man dealing with life surrounded by dumb ass monogrammed wedding gifts. I swear to Christ Etsy.com is the devil’s doing.

Embrace the hate and hop aboard with me. Choo choo!

PS – I said Joel Embiid’s brother was 26 and died of natural causes in Africa. Turns out he was 13 and it was a car accident. I’m having my fact checking department look into this