BBQ Bruce Boudreau Is Here To Save The NHL Trade Deadline

Quite possibly the biggest pickup of the season here, boys. 

By now I think everybody has realized that the NHL Trade Deadline stinks. Don't get me wrong--the couple of weeks leading up to the deadline are awesome. We've been seeing trades left and right over the last few days. I'd say the deadline season really got going when Zucker was traded to Pittsburgh for Galchenyuk. Since then we've seen Bredan Dillon get shipped out, the Kings have traded Martinez and Toffoli and Clifford, some teams have swapped a few bottom six guys and I'm sure we'll get a few more trades today and over the weekend. But as for the actual deadline itself on Monday? It's just turned into a massive disappointment over the last few years. GM's are cowards and very rarely do we see a flood of blockbusters rolling in anymore. 

So what did Sportsnet go out and do to make sure that their trade deadline coverage is still must-watch even if we don't see anything besides a couple of expiring contracts getting shipped off for 4th round picks on Monday?


The Wild did Bruce dirty, but their loss is our gain. Just turn the teleprompter off and give this legend the green light to go. I don't even care if we don't hear about a single trade all day. He seems like a big "I start a sentence and don't know where I'm going with it" type of guy and that's exactly what we need to fill 8 hours of the day when all of these GMs are just sitting on their ass because they're too afraid to pull the trigger on a massive trade. And if they have a little Häagen-Dazs on set? Woah buddy, now we're talking.