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A LeBron/JR Smith Reunion Looks Like It Might Be A Done Deal

Remember last month when there were rumblings about JR Smith getting a workout with the Lakers? 

That was before the trade deadline and the buyout market, but after the Lakers have been turned down by Darren Collison and the Clippers are signing every other potential Laker target, suddenly a renunion between LeBron and JR Smith seems like it's only a matter of time. Why? Well let's head to LeBron's Instagram 

The Lakers need shooting, they haven't made their second half signing yet, they worked out JR, LeBron is posting about him, I think we can call this a done real right? Why would LeBron be pumping up JR so that another team could maybe sign him that might one day hurt the Lakers in the playoffs? To me this is GM LeBron saying he signed the paperwork and JR is headed to LA. This means that JR Smith is going to be on a roster that will most likely be playing in some high stakes playoff games.  The odds we get another situation like this

are looking better and better. This puts me in a weird spot as a well known Lakers hater, because Shirtless JR after winning a title is a bloggers dream in terms of content, but I can't bring myself to enjoy it if it's the result of a Lakers title. So instead I'm hoping this signing becomes official simply for all the hilarious, boneheaded shit JR will probably do. I can already see it now, the Lakers have a great season, and in a huge playoff moment it's JR taking shots instead of LeBron or AD. It seems like LeBron has forgiven him for what went down in CLE in the 2018 Finals, but if JR costs LeBron another ring there's a strong chance he murders him. 

For the potential chaos alone, this stretch run of the season needs some JR in it.