A-Rod is Working Out With Bonds

Alex Rodriguez; Barry Bonds

NY PostThis can’t be a Barry good idea. In his comeback from a one-year suspension for involvement in the Biogenesis drug scandal, Alex Rodriguez has been working out with Barry Bonds, according to a published report.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on its web site that Bonds, the disgraced all-time home-run king, recently worked with Rodriguez on his swing at a facility in San Rafael, Calif.

Rodriguez posted on Instagram two photos of him swinging a bat, with the words: “Starting the year in the cage.”

According to the report, the facility is owned and run by Charles Scott, a former teammate of Bonds’ at Arizona State. Bonds, who retired with a record 762 career homers, remains an outcast in baseball because of his ties to performance-enhancing drugs.

Looks like Alex is starting to smarten up, and I couldn’t be happier. I know a lot of people are saying how dumb this is but let me ask you a few questions. What do we want Alex to do this year? (hit home runs) Who was the best at hitting home runs? (Barry Bonds) So why wouldn’t any Yankee fan want these two together?

I know everyone is on their high horse this week about cheating because the Patriots went out there with a vortex on Sunday but who gives a shit? In 5 years no one will remember the details of “deflategate” and it will just be a thing you yell at Patriots fans when they brag. Same thing with steroid users. If A-Rod can help the Yankees win, I want him on the team. If to help them win he has to work out with the most notorious steroid user in history, I’ll drive him to the airport and shag fly balls for both of them.

This isn’t Little League, there are no awards for being a good sport. All that matters today and all that will matter in 10 years are rings.

PS: I hope A-Rod just juices up again and crushes the ball and walks out with a lifetime ban and another World Series trophy. He just needs to accept that sometimes being a villain is ok.