Artemi Panarin Tried To Get Stan Bowman Fired Last Night

No, Panarin didn't try to get him fired simply with a ridiculous snipe that ended the game and finally, officially, the Blackhawks entire season. Nope. He wasn't done. Post-game dangers. 

Yeah, you know what...I am still confused by that trade too, Artemi. You know who else is? His soulmate. Look at these two before the game

They adore and respect each other. Kindred spirits. Super stars. Guys who you would pay to watch every single night. 

NBC showed a graphic last night that had the point totals for Kane and Panarin since the trade. They were practically identical. And you know what…if they had been kept together then you can probably add another 50 points a piece to those totals. Probably more than that actually. And maybe this year they would've been split up. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the Hawks would've been able to afford Panarin beyond the two year deal that he signed because the deal he got as a free agent was so large. You know what? I DO NOT CARE. Give me back those two years wtih Panarin and let's roll the dice. See what happens. Undo the summer of 2017 and maybe the Hawks don't go to complete shit. Maybe they don't waste three PRIME years of Toews and Kane performing at their absolute best. Maybe things are little different. They'd definitely be more fun. 

After the 2017 playoff disaster I too kicked around the idea of trading Panarin. It felt like their only option. He was their most valuable chip that didn't have a big No-Trade Clause attached because Stan gave those out like candy. And that sheds light on the biggest issue with Stan Bowman…he can't evaluate their own guys. Time and time again. Saad for Anisimov was a major downgrade. Panarin for Saad was MUCH worse. Didn't know what they had in Philip Danault. Didn't know what they had in Jokiharju when they traded him Nylander. They didn't get the best of the Murphy for Hjalmarsson trade. They gave away Teravainen for nothing. Time and time again the Blackhawks failed to evaluate their own players. They mismanaged seemingly every situation for the last 5 years and it has left them as sellers at the deadline once again. Panarin, still bitter, taking pot shots at Stan on his way out of town. A Panarin snipe between the eyes. Hopefully that was loud enough to be the last straw.