Cleveland Brown Greg Robinson Arrested At The Border With 157 POUNDS Of Weed

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN POUNDS!!! God DAMN, Greg. I don't even know what that would look like. In my head it fills a bank vault. Maybe the back of a pickup truck. It's a LOT of weed. You just got paid 6.4 million dollars last year. Don't go spend it all in one place and DEFINITELY don't become a drug smuggler when you're 27 years and a free agent. Bad timing to go on a Narcos-Mexico binge and get inspired. It is not that easy to be a drug dealer. And you know what dude, you didn't need to go all the way to Mexico to buy weed. It's legal in Michigan. Just cross the border that couldn't be more than an hour or so away. They won't sell you 157lbs but they also won't throw you in jail for trying operate a distribution network. And I understand the allure, but you've got real money, Greg. You want to get in the marijuana game well just apply for a license. Form an LLC. That's what millionaires do. Gotta be better at being rich.