I Can't Even Get Excited About The Latest Reports Of Steve Cohen Potentially Getting Involved In Bidding For The Mets Again

NY Post- Steve Cohen has not given up on buying the Mets, but sources close to the situation say he would want the team’s majority stake in cable network SNY to justify a new bid anywhere near the Wilpons’ $3 billion valuation. What remains unclear is whether the Wilpons have any interest in selling SNY or dealing with Cohen a second time. The Wilpons own 65 percent of the cable network in partnership with Spectrum and Comcast. Banking sources tell The Post the network is valued between $850 million-$1 billion, with gross earnings near $150 million annually. Considering the Mets are thought to lose $50 million in an average year, the network would be hugely useful in any sale of the organization.

“Cohen wants SNY, and he wants it at fair value,” one banker familiar with the deal said. “The team loses $50 million a year in a good year, so he wants SNY’s revenue, and he might pay a small premium to never have to deal with Fred and Jeff [Wilpon] ever again.”

“They clearly don’t want to sell to Steve Cohen,” one former Mets employee said. “But who is going to come close to paying what he will?”

Because of that disaster, and what Cohen saw during his up-close look at the Mets’ balance sheet, sources say his offer might not be much higher than the $2.6 billion he offered without SNY and with the five-year window in place. Those sources also tell The Post that Cohen is increasingly certain no bid will come close, even with SNY in the mix.

Look, I want to get excited about this. I want to believe that Steve Cohen is a shark that has been planning for everything to unfold the exact way it has so he can eat those minnow Wilpon fucks up, get their baseball team, their sports network, and ban the black sheep of their family from Citi Field for life the minute he signs the contract to buy the Mets.

But I just can't do it. Part of it is because the Cohen deal falling through was a harsh reminder that nothing good every happens to Mets fans without something equally bad happening. Another part of it is because I am positive that goddamn buffoon Rob Manfred will somehow fuck everything up. And a big part of it is because I have become addicted to the #ScoopCity Life after we broke that the deal was pretty much dead on We Gotta Believe. I need the DMs from sources with sources that I then check against other sources to find out the story. I need the rush of following a story as well as the rush of breaking it. I am pretty much like a sex addict that can only get hard if I see/do only the craziest and kinkiest shit. 

Even these random bankers saying that the infamously ruthless billionaire wants to buy the toy he's desired his entire life does absolutely nothing for me nor does the report that no bid will come close to Cohens even with SNY. You know why? Because the Wilpons are truly dumb enough to hold onto to this team for as long as possible and gladly let the newspapers string us along for months and years as we hope they sell the team. So I am officially #out on any Steve Cohen rumor, even if it is reported by a former NFL running back, which pretty much means my soul is dead for at least one more season. 

Can't wait for Spring Training games to start!